SIT Yak with rudder

I am looking for a 12 to 14 foot SIT yak for fishing that can have rudder put on it or added. I have a Pamlico 120 w rudder now fully rigged for fishing but we want to get a second one and I would be interested in others opinions of other options… We love the Pamlico but just wanted to if there might somethingeven better.

I live in Canada and yak in all seasons and waters…mostly smallish lakes.



You may want to look at some of these:
Pamlico 140…as you know, the Pamlico is a great fishing and paddling craft.

Old Town Loon 138…I have one. Tracks true, paddles easily, the only gripe is that it seems heavy to me (maybe its age, I’m 58 with a spare tire).

Old Town Dirigo 140 (think there’s a 120 version too0 Appears to be a nicely thought out craft for fishing. Probably is a bit heavier than the Pamlico of the same size.

Dagger Blackwater 12 footer…has a skeg. Nice looking craft.

Perception Acadia 13 footer…seems to be a nice craft.

Percepton Prodigy 12…Have never heard or seen of this one, but it is a recreational kayak and may be a good fishing boat.

Old Town also builds a version of the Loon in poly without the flotation sandwich…a bit lighter. Seen it in the store, but never on the water. That means nothing, folks in the Gulf Coast area prefer sit on tops.

As to one being better than the other, my opinion, for what its worth, is most of these boats are similar and the differences aren’t that great. Any of them will do the job.

Sit fishing yaks
Great thanks… would really loved to have a Pamlico 140 for I hear they are not making that yak anymore.

Can a rudder be put on the Loon or Dirago models? While I don’t need one for paddling I do like them for woeking a shore line with a breeze…can fish an entire side of the Lake without touching a paddle.

As far as SOT, I know people love them and I may get one of the Tarpon for summer yaking but I still think I want to be inside a cockpit with a skirt option for the cooler times of year up here… still ice on the water in places for my first trip this year.

Old Town has rudder kits on the website,
have to order by phone. The kit cost $250. You may be able to find another brand of rudder that will fit for less, but probably not more than $50 less.

I forgot the Pungo, some like it for fishing, others prefer the Pamlico.

I have heard of SOT, SINK and SIK but not a SIT.

Took it to mean sit-inside. I’m on
a campaign on a site where most are SOT fishermen to wipe out the use of the acronym SINK, they think it means exactly that or something.

Huricne Aqasports
Makes both SIKs and SOTs. Run about 10 lbs lighter and look really good. The SIKs have bulkheads and hatches.

My Kayak
Here is my Heritage Redfish 14 SOT, but I have the non-fishing one: