Sitbacker vs Crazy Creek canoe

chair? Which is better?

The Sitbacker will not fit in the stern seat of many canoes because the gunwales are too narrow to allow the solid frame of the Seat. I like Pacific Outdoors version of the Crazy Creek. They are softer and less expensive.

I have a …
Crazy Creek III (I think). It’s supposed to be for tractor seats but my wife bought it as a gift and it works real well on the stern seat of our Spirit II. (regular webbed seat) I was suprised at how well it supports my back. I looked at the Sitbacker but never tried it. I read here on Pnet that for some bigger paddlers, their arm will hit the back rest of the Sitbacker while they paddle…

I have a Sitbacker in my Poke Boat
and it works great for that. I tried a Crazy Creek type seat and didn’t like it because by the time I got the straps tight enough to support me when I leaned back on it, the straps were digging into my sides. The rigid framework on the Sitbacker allows me to adjust the seat back where ever I want it and the straps don’t touch my sides.

I haven’t used any seats in my canoes so far.

Different Strokes, Huh?
I prefer Crazy Creek myself. The Sitbacker’s are very supportive and comfortable, but the metal frame sometimes gets in the way of paddlestrokes. So, of the two I prefer the Crazy Creeks, but my favorites are the Wenonah seatbacks. A little less padding, but seems to fit my back well. WW

Paddling isn’t when I need the back
support, though proper back support may be of a help. But, I spend a lot of time fishing, mainly drifting in warmer weather…for those who don’t know, its basically slow trolling with the wind or slight paddle strokes…long hours in the seat bother my back. I’ve been used to seat backs in my kayaks and am seeking good support in the canoe. Its a solo Wenonah Sandpiper. Other ideas are welcome.

same here
With the Vagabond where I sat mostly and used the footbraces for powering the stroke, I liked the short back crazy creek chair. It was good when I stopped to fish and had a place to lean back a bit. The short back did not interfere much with the rotation when paddling.