Site and Forum Updates

You may notice a few changes in the message boards over the next week. We are working on several big (mainly behind-the-scenes) upgrades to the rest of and there are a few changes that will also appear here.

As of right now, you cannot change your username in the message boards. By early next week, almost all user-account management for the message boards will occur on and not in the forums.

Hopefully the change will be pretty seamless, but if you see something, let us know!

May user name is wrong. My handle is Rookie. ???

I am so sorry. I just ran an audit of all the usernames and it turns out you and 4 other (un)lucky winners somehow had their username altered. I am working on a fix now.

Sorry about that.

Quick update. We fixed the issues but also have re-enabled the ability to update your username (handle) on the message boards for a few more days.

For lots of crazy technical reasons, the change won’t happen until sometime Monday (assuming the technology gods show favor upon us) when we upgrade the main site infrastructure.

If you notice anything else funky, please post a reply here.

Ok, so we ran into a few more technical issues than expected but we are now deploying an upgrade to the main site. At some point between today (Feb 25) at 5p ET and tomorrow (Feb 26) 7am ET there will be a few changes that will affect how usernames work in the message boards.

You may notice a few issues where you are randomly logged out of the message boards while we make this change.

When the upgrade is done, most of your user information (name, email address and username) will be managed on your account (not your message boards account). Your message board preferences will still be managed in the message board account settings.

The hope is that this is a nearly unnoticeable change that makes things easier… but sometimes technology likes to throw us a curveball (or several).

I will post more info as we progress through the upgrade.

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Thanks for keeping this place going, Brian.

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As you may have noticed, our launch of the new features was delayed a bit but things are all up and running now.

There were some funky issues with logging in to the message boards late last week but all those items should now be resolved. If you are having any issues, please post them here.