Sitting on a dock by the bay

Spent yesterday afternoon sitting by Lake Hartwell. Big cove, not bay. Our kid’s families were camped there for the weekend. Beautiful place but a bit chilly. Barely got over 50. Our thin southern blood thought so anyway.
Crystal clear afternoon with the lake almost glass smooth. A few power boats about and 2 fishing kayaks.
Should have taken a kayak but my regular family paddlers weren’t prepared for it.
We saw 2 loons and several cormorants . We’re into one of the best times for paddling.

Sounds like a lovely afternoon. Sunshine and crisp air are good for the soul, even if you weren’t paddling.

Has been quite crisp here as well, but I preferred to stay indoors.


Thanks GH. I wondered how many would get the reference.

I teach and lead tours for Sea Trek Kayak and SUP Center, which is in Sausalito. On our tours that go by the houseboats, we generally talk about Otis writing the song there Not clear exactly which houseboat he was on.

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In the 70’s I was working for a sailboat dealer on the Oakland Estuary. We were either on the bay sailing or on the dock watching the tide roll.
That bay is a magical place.

The water appears to be in the liquid state.

Still liquid but there was some ice along the north shore. Some of the shallow inland lakes are frozen.

BTW, that song is repeating itself in my head.

Just in case anyone else wonders if anything on here inspires anyone else to do anything… This post reminded me to go down to my “dock of the bay” this morning. We got a little more snow last night (almost 13’ this month so far - unusual for here) and the clearing skies suggest we’re heading for the deep freeze. Looked like this:

BTW, We occasionally paddle over the place where Otis Redding’s plane went down.
And have youse guys heard this?

Stay warm all.

LOVE IT! Is that rendition available anywhere for download? That’s paddling music to my ears. Thanks!

And I thought this post might be a bust. Not with water involved.

And then we had some REAL music…
I hadn’t heard this in a looong time…

There is a reason for that. My thoughts were they/we looked so innocent and there were some fine looking young women who are now great grandmothers.

Dock of the Bay is one of the songs I play on my homemade NA style flute. Always liked it.

If I recall correctly this song was also popular the same summer as purple people eater.

Thank you for posting the Playing For Change/ Song Around The World video. If only we could all sing or paddle together perhaps we would find it harder too see differences as division. Here’s another song.

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It’s no wonder so many people miss those years…

In my next life I really want to be a rockstar…:man_dancing:

But I would settle for just being able to play a few recognizable tunes on my guitar…:guitar:

That liquid state sure didn’t last long under these frigid temps. Star Man donned a headband to try to keep warm.

Castoff, “Stand by Me” was the very first of their productions I saw, seems like many years ago now. It struck me then, as it still does, that they were on to a good idea and executing it very well. They’ve continued and it seems like a little bit of the spirit of the 60s and 70s survived through all these decades. And a fair bit of it ties in pretty well with paddling and water. (But maybe to us paddlers everything does…)
Eg: Ripple in still waters,when there is no pebble tossed, or wind to blow

Some interesting characters appear in this later on.

or " I was born by the river, in a little tent, and just like that river, I’ve been running ever since"

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Really love the idea, the passion, and spirit that is presented with this world wide collaboration of musicians! Went down the rabbit hole (or should I say whirlpool) earlier today on YouTube listening and watching the many performances of Playing For Change. Time well spent! Most of the songs I have on my phone by the original artist, and find the PFC Band does them all justice! Thanks again for posting.

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