sitting on kevlar floor-no seat

If you were to take the seat out of the kayak and sit on a pad directly on the floor of a kevlar kayak is it possible that the bottom shape of the hull could flatten or get out of shape from the shallow vee?


Yes. depends on layup but yes VERY.

Also depends on how you treat
your boat. If you slide over lots of abrasice things you may localize the wear at the pressure points. A hung seat, even with some foam wedges, helps distribute teh wear and tear.


Structural brace
A seat may be a structural component. Removing it could increase flex and flatten.

hmmm -seems alot can happen here
Im glad I asked about it! Thankyou for chiming in.

Depends, but
A really thick foam core might hold shape, but most kayak Mfgs, trying to reduce weight, consider that seat part of the structure of the hull.

If that is the case, it kinda depends of the shape of your backside. If it matches the hulls, you’ll see little deflection, somewhat dependent upon your weight. If it doesn’t, well, sounds like you want another hull anyway.

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