size 14 vs. qcc 700x / epic 18x

i want to pick up a new kayak for 90% fitness/day paddling, 10% camping(one or two nights). i prefer the larger cockpit opening of the epic, but my real concern is room for my dogs. looking for advice on which of the two has more foot room.

any other opinions on the two? i don’t think i could go wrong with either. my research leads me to believe quality, stability, and product support goes to qcc. while speed(slight), comfort, and price(equal wieght) would favor epic. i will visit a dealer, but would like to hedge my bet before a 4-5 hour drive.

Agree with Eric,
I have 11.5, I had a QCC and had to splay the legs. I have a VSK Rapier 18 and it has tons of room for a proper sitting position for fitness paddling, faster than the QCC also.


i’ll take a look at the rapier. are they still coming out with a plastic version of the 18? i won’t be racing so that could be a option also. i did’t know you were not supposed to splay your feet? (i’ve never been able to ware any kind of footware either)

What kind of shoes do you guys wear in a kayak? I can easily get my size 14s in my old Epic 18, and I think the 18x has more foot room. Tried a 700 once and it was also comfortable. I wear NRS rodeo socks though, no room for hard soles.

barefoot w/ mincel foam pad
to protect my heals. good to know you thought both boats were comfortable. i’ll assume your not 5’2". i’m 6’1" 225lbs; combine that with the feet and the fact i’m as flexable as a steel rod, makes the epics larger cockpit look nice. although i don’t have any issues with my nf shadow.

it’s not that you are not supposed to splay, it’s that not splaying is more efficient, it will allow you to use your large leg muscles more by pushing off.