Size for new thwart/yoke/seats for Mowhawk Intrepid 16?

Is there a standard length and placement for yoke, thwart and seats for a Mowhak Intrepid 16?

I am outfitting my newly purchased Mohawk Intrepid 16 with a replacement yoke, thwart and seats. The previous owner sold me the boat and replacement parts but with none of the old components. I used the yoke from another Intrepid 16 as a template (35 1/4" long), and installed it in the middle of the canoe. It works fine, stretching out the width a bit from the “at rest” size.

However, the measurements for thwart and seats between the two Intrepid 16s are all off (by quite a bit), even though they appear to use original factory drilled holes.

I’m wondering if I can just measure the width of the canoe at each location now for the remaining pieces, or do I need to cut them larger to stretch out the canoe, similar to what happened to with the yoke, to try and match the two boats? I’m trying to not over think while still getting the boat in the correct shape. This is my first canoe project, thanks for any advice you can offer.

Many canoe hulls will tend to collapse inward a bit when all the thwarts and seats are removed. I would worry about getting the beam at center correct and it sounds as if you have already accomplished that. Trim the other pieces to fit the hull with the center yoke in place.

Thanks for the insights, I’ll give it a go.