Size of Lendal key

Does anyone know what size hex wrench is a Lendal paddle key? It sure looked like a 1/8 inch, but that didn’t work. Is it a metric size or did they create their own size to ensure people have to buy their keys?

I’d rather pay 40 cents each for a handful of spare wrenches than $5 or more for one official “key”.

It is a metric wrench, slightly larger
than 1/8th inch, whatever milimeter designation that gets.


3 mm
is next up from 1/8"


3.5 or 4
If there are 25.4 millimeters in an inch, then 1/8 inch would be 3.175 mm. One size up would be either 3.5mm or 4mm, right?

I just checked it out, the 3mm key
was the one that works. You owe me a beer.


I just ordered 10 of them at 25 cents each. Hopefully that will be a lifetime supply.

I checked your profile. The next time I’m in My Own Little World, I’ll buy you a beer.

“My own little world”, that was and is a
joke. Buy a beer for a good friend and tell 'em Dogmaticus sent ya. By the way, there is nothing like having a Lendal. They are great paddles.