sizing for PFD

i am right in the middle of many PDF sizes. size 36. should i order the smaller or larger size? any erccomendations



I would go larger
then you will have more room for warm layers during cool weather paddling. The exception is if you were planning on loosing weight.

Try both
on and go with what is most comfortable. Be careful not to get one that is too large or loose, you could run the danger of having it slip off over your head in an emergency.

tweener eh?
Me too. Try Astral Wonderjacket. Best fit ever for me. Pricey but worth it for me. I’m short and NOT flat chested and have struggled with various pfd’s over the past five years but no more.

If in Alaska…
You will likely be looking at a drysuit to extend your season. Adding the layers needed for your cold weather paddling should have the effect of moving the next size up to being fine for at least half the year.

Go for the Astral, they only come in 2 sizes anyway, you’d be a Small/Medium. Well worth the $$$.

Second the Astral
I was right on the margin between their XS-S-M and their L-XL. I even went so far as to email the company and complain that they had no M-L midsized vest.

After some discussion back and forth with them I went with the smaller size and have been very comfortable with the choice. Works from summer thin polyester shirts to winter wool with drysuit.

Astral makes good stuff. Their 300 vest that I ended up purchasing is well thought out.

PFD for ladies
I assume from your name that you are a female and if that is the case recommend that you look at the Lotus Lola. They are cut larger in the bossom to accommodate the ladies. The zipper is on the side of center and this makes it less convenient but that does help with fit.