Sizing the Nashwaak Cruiser

I paddle with a 51" or 52" bent shaft Zav in my Bell Magic canoe (kneeling). I’m guessing I would either want a 54" or 56" length in a Cruiser. Any advice on that?

Thanks, David

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At this point it is take what is left. :^(

Sorry David, I just could not resist.

Look at the Nashwaak site and it will tell you how to size. Or just ask Jeff when you call. But in reality there is little left so you will probably have to accept whatever is still there.

Normally I say go shorter for paqddles, but in the case of a Nashwaak Cruiser I suggest going longer. Most returns are made in the water where you are not picking the paddle up, you know cruising style. Longer gives more power and control over the boat.

Hope this helped a little.



Call Jeff directly
What is important to understand when sizing any canoe paddle is that “over-all” paddle length (from grip to tip of blade) is not much to go on since blade lengths vary so much between different paddle designs. I’d suggest that you call Jeff Solway at Nashwaak and talk to him about this - after you read the two methods he recommends for paddle sizing that are shown at his web-site. I spoke to him just the other day and found him to be a very friendly guy – easy to talk to. Act quickly though, his stock of paddles is dwindling - I imagine you already know that he’s going out of business. Randall

58" for me
I too use a 51" bent Zaveral in my Wildfire, but in my Merrimack Baboosic I like a 58" Nashwaak Cruiser. The stock must be getting low, as Jeff has not replied to my email.

Nashwaak Paddles
I got an e-mail from Jeff a few days ago. He no longer has any of the cherry cruisers except for a few 54"ers. Too bad, they are exceptional paddles.

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