SK April 2003 Mi water tribe story

I was woundering if any one knows what kind of boat Double Joy is? I am talking about the big tandem boat that won the race that year. I am looking to build a tandem boat for my wife and I. Or if someone has any input on a good wood self built tandem boat.

Thanks, George

Well george;
I searched this term on google ( “double joy” kayak tandem) and the first hit told me it was a clc cheseapeake sport tandem.

Heather and brandon who won with the double joy have moved on to a custom boat from CLC.

If you and you wife are building this I hope you both have some serious skills, It’s a pretty narrow boat for a tandem. at 22 inches of beam it’s pretty racy for a tandem.

Even a CLC triple paddled by two should be faster than two seperate regular sea kayaks, paddled by the same folks.

also makes a tandem kit. I’ve seen one on the water and it was a sweet-looking boat. I finally caught uo with it while the owners/builders (a married couple) were taking a break, and they said they were very happy with it.

Ya I was looking
at pygmy boats, I just got thire catalog on monday and the boats look sweet!

Thanks Peter.

pygmy boats are nice
but I parted with my arctic tern sold her to a padling mentor for under a grand. I love the look of clc boats but I have only padled the cheseapeake. Love to get my hands on a pax 20 for an hour.