Skeg box and Ice?

I am temporarily storing someones kayak out in the winter weather. Has anyone ever suffered damage to the skeg box due to ice freezing? This is a plastic kayak. Thanks.

I paddle a 14’ Necky with a skeg in the

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winter and have never had any trouble. But Necky has a great reputation for having little to no problems.
I also paddle a 16' Necky with a skeg, also in Michigan winters and no problems.
Due to space contraints, mine are stored on their sides.
I do store them inside after paddling.

I would avoid storing it inverted…
…and uncovered, which would prevent any ice formation in the skeg box. It you can’t do that, put a stip of duct or packing tape over the skeg slot.

Duct tape
I was considering duct tape. Thanks. I will do that.