Skeg-box leak on glass WS Tempest 17 Pro

Took my ‘new to me’ white glass Tempest 17 Pro out last night for the first time on a moonlight paddle. When I returned 2 1/2 hr later (great paddle!), the rear compartment was 2/3’s full of water. Having paddled plastic Tempests before, I was aware of some leakage but this is more than a little much- especially in such short time! Insights, comments, fixes greatly appreciated.


Skeg fix
Been down this road myself. On top of the skeg box is a fitting that holds the skeg sheath in place. I found that excessive force would pop the sheath out of the fitting and would provide a steady leak into rear compartment. By excessive force I mean too much slider force when the skeg was jammed.

My fix was to install a small stainless hose clamp around the base of the fitting to provide a little extra purchase in holding the sheath in the assembly and then sealed the whole assembly with a good marine sealant 3M5200 or equal (I think in my case I used Marine Goop). Do not use silcone.

BTW, if you want to confirm it is actually the skeg, turn the boat upside down and pour water into the skeg slot. It will quickly become apparent.

Been dry for almost 2 years now. Before I stumbled upon the skeg, all the chatter about the Tempest leaky hatches had me chasing that for a long time.

what he said…
good advice. this is generally the issue. the plastic tubing just needs sealed.

occasionally the actual joint of the skeg box/hull can leak. a little epoxy can fix this.