Skeg Cable Housing Fix???


I have a boat with a rather unique skeg issue and am hoping someone can give some input on how to fix it.

The cable housing that connects to the skeg box and forms the “elbow” loop above the skeg has shattered on one of my boats. It’s a Foster Legend for what it’s worth.

Without the cable housing in place the cable does not have any rigidity and cannot push the skeg down. Additionally, water leaks through pretty bad now.

I have not messed with the metal fitting that the housing inserts into, but it appears to be rather corroded.

Any advice on fixing this? I am not sure where to get the cable housing, how to secure it in the fitting such that it is watertight, how to “splice it” to the existing cable housing, and how best to attach the housing to the deck of the boat so that it forms a rigid loop.

Frankly I would prefer to pay to get it fixed, but I am not sure where to take it around here (I live between Richmond and VA Beach).

Thanks for your help


Marine supply
or a good harware supply should have the translucent plastic tubing. I’d replace the whole thing, rather than mess with a splice and have the old tubing break somewhere else. If your boat doesn’t already have them, you can glue in the little nylon tubing routing eyes to thread the new tube through & hold it in place. If you can get the old metal fitting out, you can match a new one. Might be similar to a compression fitting for the plastic water feed line for your fridge icemaker. Don’t know about your area, but I’m blessed with hardware & marine supply places here that have everything under the sun.


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Google 'skeg cable tube' and you'll get anumber of helpful leads to follow.. including some sources for the tube. There were a series of sites for DIY fixes, instructional ones, as well as parts .sources.

I don't know your area, but I've got to believe there'd be at least one shop that could at least direct you to a place to get it repaired if you're reasonably close to a city the size of Richmond.. And the previous responder noted a good hardware, and certainly a. decent marine store, should have brass and/or stainless fittings.

Here's hoping you find what you need and can get back on the water soon, and without leaking, and with a skeg. deploying, happiy


-Frank n Miami