Skeg Cable Replacement

Hey, can anybody direct me to a site that has detail instruction on how to replace a skeg cable.


know a site but the co. that made yer boat would be the best 1st try . They are usually pretty simple but I’ve seen a couple that are way poor design , and a bitch to repair. If ya Bought it new from a dealer try them . But it’ll be somewhat like a rudder cable system . A crimpin tool will probably be in order . What kind o boat ?

NDK Greenlander. It needs to be done. I can do anything. I just need instructions

undo the screw on the slider, it’s a metric hex. the slider is a short, hollow tube. the screw holds the cable. go to the stern and pull the skeg down and out. it will come free. remove screw holding cable to skeg. replace cable. reverse above.


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the challenge is getting the cable the exact length. not much room for error, and feeding the cable back north. you have to get it ‘just right’ so the slider adjustment articulates the skeg movement.

takes me 10 minutes for the entire procedure, tho because of ‘failure’ frequency I get alot of practice!

good luck!


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Do I, or should I, lube the cable at all to feed it through the plastic tube? The boat is a 97 and it feels rough right now as it slides. I also am going to assume there may be sand in the plastic tube too.

Thanks for your input.

I’d just blow it out with compressed air or water from a nozzle. It’s just vinyl tubing.

good luck


Not to diss Steve -San
but if I were putting a new skeg cable I woul take the opportunity ot lub it wiht boeshield T-9 big time. Nothin’ like it. Designed by boeing to protect aircraft parts from corrosion, it can go on my skeg cable any time. Even astroglide pales by comparison :wink:

guess I should try
it. haven’t seen the need. It doesn’t pickup grit, eh? seems like it would but hey what do I know about techy stuff??

what’s astro-glide?? =:-0)


boeshield does not pick up grit
much at all, it is well engineered. I worked for a few years as a bike mechanic for somee of the best shops in boston. I am familiar with lots of lubricants and the problems of useing them in dirty environments. boeshield has a pretty high wax content.

Use google for the other stuff!

Boeshield is good…
…especially for corrosion protection. I use it on carabiners and such that are used on the water. For cables, I prefer White Lightning or other wax based lubricants (bike chain lubes). They seem to last longer and don’t affect the plastic cable housing.

Thanks for looking

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out for the paddling community by pointing out the interaction between boeshield and the plastic housing.

My remarks stand corrected. My apologies for any inconvenience.