Skeg is jammed

While paddling yesterday, I noticed that the slide control would not move up into the “closed” position. The slide would stop in the halfway position. I pulled over and took a look at the skeg. It was up. Moving the slide had no effect. I took out my multi tool and with the pliers pulled the skeg out, with difficulty. I looked for and stones or pepples, but didn’t see any.

Today with the boat on the rack, I took a closer look. Took a coat hanger and swept the inside of the skeg box with no effect. I then moved the slider back and forth (half way still), and felt what I think may be a kink in the cable. But I’m not sure.

Any thoughts?

The kayak is an Artisan Millenium.


loose screw?

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Could the screw in the knob that holds the skeg cable have loosened and the cable simply shifted?

Loosen the screw, push the skeg in, move the knob all the way to the right, tighten the screw (make sure youu caught the wire) and test the skeg.

If the skeg worked before, and now it
doesn’t, you’re part way down a list of things that might have changed to screw things up.

It’s hard to see why a kink would have developed in the cable.

I would also look “upstream” to see if the cable has shifted off some guide mechanism so that you aren’t getting a good pull for your money.

Cable HOUSING moving / sliding aroun?
This would cause your effect as well.

…check the connections of the housing tubing at the control and the skeg box. If it’s popped loose from either one, the slider can move without moving the skeg.

simple first.

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I've had this same problem with an Artisan Millenium in the past. In my case the cause was a lack of tabbing securing the skeg cable housing to the hull between the slider and the skeg. That tube was only tabbed to the hull every couple feet, so when I slid the handle back, the cable housing just distorted out away from the side of the hull. The solution was to add some fiberglass tabs at one-foot spacing, securing the plastic tube to the side of the hull, all the way back to the skeg housing.

Open the hatches and stand next to the boat. Slide the skeg slider and see if the tube is bending inside the hatches.

I’ll give that a look. Boat is racked right now and it’s a bit chilly and have no plans in the near future to go paddling. But first opportunity I have I’ll check that out.

The slide bar stops in the halfway position, and the skeg doesn’t move. I can move the slide bar back and then forward halfway.

what Bryan said
on my ol’ Millennium the connection of the tube to the back of the slider box came undone. It was a weak joint of fiberglass. I epoxied it back securely and it was G2G. check this.

good luck