Skeg leak options

The pivot on my QCCs skeg box has begun leaking. Something I know others here have dealt with. A few years of salt and humidity finally taking their toll. Serious corrosion on one side and a degraded (neoprene?) washer.

Way I see it I have 6 options:

  1. Just caulk it up and let it go a while.

  2. Glass a patch over it (and wait for complete failure of components).

  3. Get some replacement hardware from Phil and restore pivot/spring to like new.

  4. Replace whole thing with a new slider skeg. Maybe that slick kit from Pat. Maybe be stupid and fabricate something myself. Already have 90% of the parts.

  5. Cross over to the ruder camp and either fabricate my own or get one of Pat’s over stern rudders with either his steering system or a tiller setup. Patch and fair the slot.

  6. Do same but with understern/ski type rudder. Wouldn’t need a big one and could be pretty cool. I rarely have the stern in less than a foot of water. Have it out of the water on waves wakes more.

    Even with my skeg control mod I’m not a fan of the spring loaded skeg (which is working 100% otherwise). Decisions, decisions… Don’t really need another new project.

    Option 3 seems most efficient - just not as cool - and not looking forward to getting the rusted parts loose or messing with the spring assembly. Maybe QCC has already gone to a new skeg system (option 4b) since SealLine’s no more?

Sounds to me
Like you should just replace the pivot on the one you have with something less prone to corrosion. It’s a lot less work.


Smart Track Parts

Sealline sold off the Smart Track business. You can find the information and parts here:

Unique spring loaded system
Makes it an all (exact same parts) or nothing (all new system) sort of thing. It’s not a simple pivot. To convert it to one would require changing cable/control method as well.

Thanks, know that.
I’m not sure what QCC does inside the skeg box as I’ve never had to tear it apart. I’m assuming they basically gutted a SealLine control box and mounted the internals in the skeg box.

Better to just ask them than start hunting parts, no? I’ll do so, just haven’t gotten a free minute and don’t like making long personal calls from work (easier to email/post - but QCC is old school).

Got a picture ?

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If it is set up how I think it is you might be able to glass over skeg box then redrill in fresh material with an angle drill.

Possible to bond in an oversize bushing and start over with fresh axle ? Pull skeg and reinstall w/ push-pul cable and housing ?

Not sure of any of this because I never saw one from the inside.

Only a matter of time before that spring breaks too..

Another *L* for you..... Also have the understern rudder for ski too with plans to offer as retrofit kit.

Understern has way more power to jerk the back of the boat around to present to waves / chop. Neutral too.

Just though of another one .... switch to bigger bolt ? Need to see it.

go for the hydraulic skeg from kari-tek
works for NDK…

does not matter what you hit then…

I have this shot before the rust/leak

As you can see, it shows nothing useful. Right side is a plastic piece like what’s on the side of a SealLine control box. Left side is exposed metal hardware and neo washer (what’s left of them anyway). As far as I can tell it just leaks around that side.

I need to see what’s INSIDE - just dread taking apart anything with springs. Given the external corrosion this will be a one way operation too. Be nice to have a plan, but suppose I can just tear it out and go from there.

Figure since I have to do something I might as well daydream a bit about my options. May end up taking the easiest/simplest route - but at least I’m thinking of you Pat - and you made my list several times. Might be fun to make my own stuff, but why reinvent the wheel right!

Intersting, but pricy.
I emailed for more info. Thanks for the link - NOT! L

Rope Skeg?
Makes me appreciate my rope skegs. So simple, but so functional. Any thought of going that way?

sorry about that
did not think that you would entertain that idea…

$$$ but i think it is a cool idea but then i am a geek…

Option #10

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Just dump that sucker on some unsuspecting P.netter :-)

No thanks
Darn thing had a cord/cleat arrangement originally. Also have had VCP with rope skeg.

I am now spoiled by exact deployment control (which actually matters more than I thought, as GPS showed) and no slipping with my setup.

Control isn’t the problem, the leaky pivot point is - but if I do end up replacing more than that I’m more likely to do a slider.

Skeg is only used about 5% of the time - but with long waterline and pretty good volume in the wind it’s got to have something for those other times.

Hey! Stop wasting your time online…
… and get 2007 B&B resurrected!

Can’t sell the Q until I find something I like better to replace it for distance/comfort. If I ever do I’ll still make sure everything works before letting it go. More likely I’ll just keep doing some minor tweak or repair every couple years and paddle it until I have gotten enough out of it to happily give it away.

The B&B…
It looks dead in the water for 2007. I’ve tried everything short of taking on the project myself.

Consolidation in the industry limits what used to be many companies supporting and attending the event to fewer and fewer. The reps now carry more lines and fewer demo boats show up. The bean counters are just not into paddling and promotions.

The hottest selling yaks in Florida are now the Hobies… How much fun can they be to race? :slight_smile:

Old computer … cannot see it … :frowning:

Too old to see web pictures?
Wow! That IS old. I sent you an email (forgot to attach the image and sent you another!).