Skeg on Rec. Hull?

Any opinions on fitting a skeg to a rounded hull? For obvious reasons, of course. Will it help this little pup track better?



a skeg will add tracking to the stern, a rudder, tracking and turning.

what boat?


Necky Gannet
Is 13’ rec kayak that comes standard with a skeg.

I keep one for friends to paddle and they tell me it makes a big difference.

It’s basicaly a flat piece of aluminum which pivots verticaly between two aluminum L brackets. There is a cord to pull it up and gravity drops it when the cord is released.

This is the Santa Cruz but it has the same skeg

Might even be the same boat with a hatch?

I would think that it would be fairly easy to make your own.

fixed skeg

Might be worth a try.

Here is an example

I have this bungeed in place skeg on my R5 that can be flipped over when not needed. Tracking improved dramatically with use of this skeg.