skeg repair kit question

i have a P+H with a skeg and am trying to put a tool kit together for any mishaps while out on trips etc… what would i need for any skeg problems? i don’t usually use a skeg if that helps. my kit contains duck tape, cable ties, parachute cord, multi tool. looking for a few ideas without adding a ton of weight.

How about a spare cable?
I’m not familiar with the P&H skeg system, but most allow for cable changes with minimal tools, typically just a screwdriver or Allen wrench and a pair of pliers or multi-tool. Some skeg system require a special cable that you can obtain from your dealer or the manufacturer, but many use standard 1x19 stainless cable that’s available at marine suppliers.

And to add
to what Brian said, if your P&H will take regular 1x19 cable instead of a specialty item, precut a section to the length your boat needs. Coil it and tape it to a bulkhead to keep it out of the way and keep it from getting damaged. 1x19 is a bi!@h to cut to length in the field.

i will look into it. i will call P+H and ask some questions.

If I remember correctly
when I had to replace a cable on my Capella, I believe the skeg and the cable come permanently attached and you have to buy the entire assembly.

I’ve seen some like that…
…but you can actually replace the cable separately, but it takes a bit of modification.

1- To get the cable out of the skeg, heat the cable with a torch until it pulls free.

2- Drill a hole in the edge of the skeg that intersects the cable hole at an angle.

3- Tap the hole for a stainless steel set screw.

Once this is done, you can insert a new cable and tighten the set screw against it to hold it in place. Using some Locktite on the set screw is a good idea (use #222/pink or #242/blue).