Skeg repair

Are there any websites with instructions on how to replace a skeg cable? My skeg is jammed and won’t budge (nothing visible in the box) and I’m not sure where to start.

P&H Sirius, sliding cable.



A rock in the box ?
Start by looking how the cable housing is attached , it may have come off a pt. in the hull an now the cable flexes too much to raise/lower . If thaty’s no good yer gonna have to see if ya can take the skeg down manually by disconnecting the slider bar from the cable , I’ve used a long (12") shinny screwdriver to pull the skeg down , if ya did a rough beach landing , like up north in the bay on rocks , you may have crimped the cable down on the skeg itself , I found that to be the case w/2 yaks I purchased used . Use good stainless if yer replacin the cable , loads off different attachment ways on skegs , but you’ll be able to see it and repair it --good-fortune to you --M

No rocks
Probably a bent cable, I agree, but I can’t see how to get it out. There’s the slider but no obvious (to me at least) way to remove it without cutting the cable.


Skeg Cable removal
There should be a small hex set screw in the skeg slider handle. Loosen the set screw, then pull the skeg out by hand from the housing and the whole thing will come out with the cable attached.

If the Sirius is like the Quest, the cable and skeg are an integrated unit. It isn’t like my Pintail where the you can just replace the cable. Best to talk to P$H. Otherwise, replacing the cable is easy (once you’ve got the cable from you dealer). Besides the hex screw, the only tool you need is a braided cable cutter–different than a regular wire cutter: keeps the cable from fraying at the ends.

my skeg repair tips

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A dremel tool with a cutting wheel works great for cutting the cable. A grinding wheel drill attachment to grind down the tip and thin the first 1/2 inch of cable will save you much agony. Grind with the cable; not so it splays out, practice with the old one.

Trying to pull the skeg down with a rock in the skeg box is usually the way cables get bent. In that case, usually it’s the exposed end of the cable at the slider that gets bent so that would be obvious.

They could also kink if the skeg is down and hits something (like landing with the skeg down) which would put the kink inside the box.

The rest of the cable is inside the tube, so it’s not likely to kink anywhere other than the ends. I’ve found a paint can opener (the kind that looks like a screwdriver with the tip bent over) to be a great tool for removing rocks inside the skeg box and it may come in handy for trying to pull the skeg itself down too. There aren’t a lot of parts to a skeg system, so once it’s apart you should find the problem pretty easily.

a tool is a good idea. so is a hole

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in the bottom corner and a thin bit of rope through it. any partner can pull it out.