skeg rope vs slider NDK boats

choosing between rope(front or rear) or slider for new boat skeg : pros and cons?


wire is easier to use

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rope is easier to replace. The wire slider is easier to fine tune (1/4 skeg 1/2 skeg).

i vote cable …
if they’re still going with that very poorly designed “front” rope pull, take a pass on it. if you really want a rope, insist they put on the cleat like the boats of yesteryear. best of all though, for ease of use is the cable.

We have rope
Also, any rear mount, That way there is no skeg cable running near your thighs or knee inside the boat to get to a front position.

The downside of a rope skeg is that you will have to learn to “feel” the position of the skeg, how far down, unlike a cable skeg where you just look at the slider. But - big plus - if the thing breaks on you or when you are out there it is very repairable.

Our NDK boats actually have Valley skegs, which is a totally tool free repair. As I understand it, the native NDK rope skeg system may require that you carry one tool, a small allen wrench I think, to unscrew something and replace the rope. But that’s still easier than a cable skeg, which requires much more effort and specialized tools to repair.

Front mount is OK
My Romany HV has the cable skeg control mounted on the front side of the cockpit and it does not interfere with my thigh or knee. I would paddle whichever model you plan to purchase with the skeg control of the type you prefer to see if it works the way you thought it would.