skeg rudder system, Kari tek

this product has been out a while now, and i still haven’t seen or heard anything about it. i figured this would be a pretty big deal in sea kayaking, but i guess not. has anyone tried this or own this system in their boat? i’m dying to know how and how well it works…

tried it in a demo
and honestly does not work like a rudder at all.

The “fin” is just too small and positioned closer to the centre of the kayak’s hull and certainly not as effective as a rudder.

I however don’t like rudders and prefer skegs so maybe I’m biased.

I didn’t see the point…

The hydraulics are complicated and Karitek has not worked out the exact fluid needed to make it work properly yet.

The master cylinder and hoses are very “prototype” looking. Most likely individually machined pieces on a lathe.

Being so expensive has put a lot of people off.

that’s been my impression
just from looking at the system. they tout it so well on their website though, i thought i was missing something…