skeg tube fitting

I have a pesky leak in the aft hold in a plastic Valley Avocet. I get maybe a half cup of water after a 3 hr paddle. I thought it was the Sea-lect cover but after flipping the boat and filling the skeg box I watched it run out where the fitting is connected to the plastic of the skeg box. Not leaking where the tube goes into the fitting. Afraid to just tighten because I may strip out the plastic. Is there some kind of sealant/gasket to put between the fitting and the boat to create a seal?? Anybody had this before?

Lexel, GOOP, Aquaseal…
…take your pick. For a permanent repair, 3M 5200 will do the job, but it takes several days to cure.

A vote for Lexel
Then you’ll have some on hand for other yak applications.

I would also consider Seamgrip, thinner
than Aquaseal. Also a urethane, long lasting. But if it gets into those threads, it won’t come out.

lsaky fitting
thanks guys . That’s about what I figured. Luckily I have several of the recommended sealants on hand