Skeg vs Rudder

NOOOO, not again…I was just surfing on P&H’s web site, and they have a new question and answer section. Last weeks question was about the rudder vs skeg question. I found that P&H’s answer was very insightful. Here is the link.

the only reason I don’t like rudders is
that last year I slipped in the water while walking around a kayak and I caught myself on the rear end of a friends kayak-the rudder actually. I didn’t cut myself but darn that hurt when I hit it. The kayak was parked on a rock in the North Channel of Lake Huron. Having said that though, if I were to get my wife a new kayak it would have a rudder-since she would be more comfortable with that.

Anyway, I’m not sure the P&H article shed any light on the rudder-skeg debate for me. But, I like the looks of their new “Greenland style” kayak.


Vendetta, that’s a new take on skeg vs. rudder, I like it!

It doesn’t matter too me
what others prefer in terms of a rudder or skeg. To each his own:)

However, I think this article effectively explained some of the differences between them so that I better understood what it is about rudders and skegs, that makes me prefer a skeg, and dislike rudders. Thanks for the link!

“Make my day, rudder”…