Skeg Wire

So i finally have my first kinked skeg wire on my Tempest 165. It is kinked just below where it is fed into the skeg itself. Is there an “easy” way to straighten this or should I just cut it below the kink and re-attach to the skeg? BTW, i know nothing is “easy” in skeg wire repair. THANKS!!

Trash it
You can get new skeg wires from your dealer most times, already cut for length. They’re very easy to remove & replace.

Sail boat rigging cable
You can get stainless cable in various thickness at any boating supply store which is stainless steel.

Skeg Wire
I have found that the SS cable sold at typical marine suply shops is not rigid enough. A place that sells sailboat rigging will have what you need. There is a great difference in the rigidity of good stuff. The price is about the same.

buy two while you’re at it