Skeg won't lower

The skeg on my Current Designs Andromeda is refusing to lower (it raises fine).

The slider moves back and forth normally. If it is in the “raise” position, the skeg goes/stays up as it should.

If it is in the “lower” position, the skeg doesn’t drop on its own. However, if I pull the skeg down by hand, it will lower to the correct position.

Any suggestions on how to fix this? Thanks!

Cable Problems?

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I am not familiar with that kayak but I will tell you about a similar experience with a Necky Manitou skeg. It might not even be relevant. The Manitou has a cable that controls the skeg. The small handle that slides to the back of the boat to deploy the skeg was loose. The handle had enough grip to pull the skeg up, but not deploy it. It would slide on the cable but not move the cable. It was hard to tell that it was sliding and not moving the cable enough to deploy the skeg. I simply tightened the handle down on the cable and it fixed the problem.

can also check for a kink at the skeg
It also sounds like the cable could have a kink between where it exits the inside of the kayak and where it attaches to the skeg. The skeg cable would need to be replaced.

Probably a more common cause for this type kink is to run the hull aground with the skeg deployed. Two things can happen. You can get lucky, and as the skeg is pushed up, the cable pushes directly back into the kayak, and the slider by your cockpit actually is pushed forward. Or the cable can kink, and the slider stays where it is.

Pulling on the cable from one end or the other will always work nicely without kinking a cable. Pushing from one end or the other, you need to be more careful. I’ve seen them kinked at the cockpit trying to force a sticky skeg down, and kinked next to the skeg itself when running aground forces the skeg up.

In my experience, by never trying to, or accidently allowing a skeg cable to be forced from the push end of the cable, the things will work until the attachment corrodes apart at the skeg.

Sounds kinky to me
A kinked cable will usually raise a lowered skeg, but not lower it.

My guess is that it’s kinked, and needs to be replaced. Not a hard job, just tedious. Depends on the design of the skeg. Some are extremely easy to replace. Not sure about the CD skegs.

Call around or look online for the cable that fits that boat. CD’s website might give you the specs. We bought a skeg blade and cable for my better half’s Nigel Foster Silhouette, and it took me maybe 45 minutes to install the whole thing.

replace the cable
call the CD Accessories Dept (from their website) for parts. The Andromeda is an older model but not so radically different in the skeg department.

DIY or a paddleshop will do it for you.

check that the cable jacket isn’t loosened at the fitting into the skeg box allowing it to not direct the force for the skeg to work properly {not sure about CD, but this has been a noted problem on some kayaks}

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This is the most likely cause
Your symptoms are classic for a loose fitting at the skeg box.

I had the same problem with mine
I thought the cable was kinked but was just salt/sand that had gotten up in there over the past decade. I took the fitting off at the top of the skeg box and put some moly lube on the cable and now it works like new.