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Having a real hard time dropping and raising the skeg on one of our Chathams. It looks like the knob has slipped on the cable because the cable is so tight, that is an obvious adjustment. Is there anyway to lube the cable? I am a little leary about putting any sort of lube on something that is subject to salt water and sand and grit, but it has gotten almost impossible to drop and raise the skeg, (barely ever use it, but would like it there if we need it.) Any thoughts?

Cable lube
Any graphite based lock lubricant will work, the problem is getting the lubricant the length of the boat…if you can hang the boat or prop it up, spray graphite based lubricant down the cable sheath from the top may take more than a spray or two, …gravity will do the rest.

When I road raced bicycles eons ago, we lubed the brake and gear shift cables the same way…

who else has this problem?
This is interesting because I just rented a poly Chatham 16 and the skeg had to be pulled out by hand (by another paddler) when needed to be deployed. I wonder if this is a known problem and if it has been addressed by Necky?


All Cables will…

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generate this problem in time...the cables are steel in steel sheaths, the sheaths are then covered in plastic...rub steel on steel and even if the cable is initially coated, they will rust...unless you lubricate them...each time you swamp the boat, water will travel down the cable...and sit and rust the cable when you stop moving the cable through the rudder on the other hand lowers with a nylon's the foot control cables I have to watch...I silicone the sliding foot braces, and lube the cables as often as I think about it...when it's been to long, the sticking cables remind me.....

Not cable
Necky uses a non-kinking alloy wire that is inert in salt water and will not rust. Good part is no more kinking or rust. Bad part is more direct routing required for the tube / wire, which intersects the hatch. All skegs require care, and maintenance. Necky owners manual covers this in more depth.

cable routing
The cable goes right down the middle of the rear hatch, If you moved it out of this position it might not work right.

Pictures show the cable in the way of putting gear in the rear hatch, which turned me off of this yak.

Check this review…