Skegs revisited

I’ve searched high and low with no luck, so I figured someone here might have some insight.

I’ve got a Dagger kayak that has a rudder mount. I’m not really interested in installing a rudder on this boat, but a skeg that can be flipped up onto the deck when not in use might come in handy at times. Anyone know if there’s a kit out there to stern mount a skeg like this? The Necky Skeg Kit at wouldn’t work as it’s designed for a flat transom.

Modify the rudder kit
I’m not aware of anything like a skeg kit. Great idea though. You could always modify the rudder kit and not use the cables for the foot controls. Just use the lifting mechanism to raise and lower the blade. just don’t run the cables and secure the side to side movement. However, it would make an expensive skeg.