Skeleton paddlers

These realistic skeletons looked so cool on this wooden kayak frame in the ceiling on the White Horse Pub on Orcas Island, Washington State…


Are they always there or just for Halloween? Spooky.

I think just for Halloween. The skeletons seem high quality: very realistic…

The cans of Bud Light are a nice touch. Don’t drink and paddle?

Still a bit of skin on my frame…

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Mmmmm…I have some screws in my wrist joints too. They need to eat more they are a little skinny.

Awesome! Where is that smoke machine when you need it most?

Dry ice works well (and he’s wearing a PFD – oh, the horror!)



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This is Seymour. He follows us everywhere. Here he is waiting to take off on a paddle around Washoe Lake, northern Nevada.

There is a problem with paddling with skeletons, please beware. Last year I took my buddy Joe Bones out to Goat Island on Caddo Lake. He had a great time.

So then this year I show up and Joe brought his whole family and stole my campsite

Who knew, but the little buggers are squatters! be careful where you take them.