Skerray RMX dimensions

Anybody have a Skerray RMX handy that they can give me a few dimensions? (this is the large cockpit version with rope skeg if that matters).

I’m looking for the cockpit inner length and width as well as the inside depth at both the front & back of the cockpit.


Can’t help you directly, but when
I needed dimensions for a Prijon cockpit, and couldn’t get my hands on one conveniently, I worked from photos take from above of Prijons. Knowing the true length and with of the boat, and measuring those dimensions in the photo, I was able to calculate the length and width of the cockpits. This also worked for me when I needed dimensions of canoe sliding seats.

So, maybe you can get an overhead photo from the internet or magazine/catalog ads and closely estimate the dimensions you need.

Ocean cockpit
Sorry I’ve got the ocean cockpit.