skid plates?

The vinyl layer on the royalex canoe I am buying has worn through on the bow and stern. I have read up on this site about skid plates. Is there any alternative to skid plates-(SHOO GOO or JB WELD)? Are these safe aternatives to protecting the royalex from abrasion and UV damage?



Any thing will work, but…
…that is a heck of a lot of shoegoo.

Why not do it right and use a skid plate?

I run a kevlar canoe in the New River canoe races every year, and prior to the race, I make a temporary skid plate out of duct tape. I put it under the bow and stern, and believe it or not it works like a charm.

You could do the same, and then put a epoxy coating over it to make it permanent.



Make it thin
What ever you use make it thin. Typical kevlar mat skid plates are thich enough to effect the flow of water around the stems. A thin layer won’t last as long but it is intended to be sacrificial anyway and renewing it isn’t all that bad.

Kevlar mat skid plates are a convenient
but inferior alternative to layering bias-cut S-glass using epoxy resin. But the Kevlar looks studly and is easier to apply.

If you don’t hit things that often, just get some paint, perhaps preferably color-matched “ABS” paint, clean and lightly sand the area, and paint it over to protect the ABS from sun. The vinyl never really protected the ABS from impact anyway.

I talked to an outfitting/river runnning company in the area, and an employee advised me they use the roll on expoxy that you would use for a truck bed liner. Can’t say from experience how it works, but the employee sounded sold.

good ideas!