Skid plates

Does anybody know where I can get a skid plate kit without the eopxy.I just bought a new Sandpiper today and I want to install skid plates but I dont need the eopxy because I have gallons of it my shop.



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They cut their own skidplates out of kevlar felt. You can either buy the felt by the square foot or buy them pre-cut.

Thank you,I just sent them an email.


skid plates
I recomend a small skid plate. The first kit a did had felt about 30" long. judgeing by the wear on the boats ends I cut my second kit down to abou 10" and have a much nicer looking, and lighter hull.

Fiberglaas is lighter and does the same thing.

I got an email back from BMO and they get 15.00 for a set.That seems like a good price,I need a set for an old tired Stillwater 12 that i brought back to life this winter.