skid plates

can anyone ell me where to get skid plates for poly kayak

Stuff doesn’t stick well to poly kayaks.
Even with torching and G-flex, I doubt you could get anything to stick to poly.

Avoid dragging and scrooching.

Avoid feeling sensitive about mild scratches and gouges.

Skid pads, mostly, are added weight, a negative influence on boat speed, and eventually break, leaving you with the need to repair, remove, replace. They are over-rated.

For roto molded kayaks?
Make one yourself.

I’ve repaired a few plastic kayaks that were dragged through the stern by cutting the hole a little bigger, cleaning and scarring the inside a few inches beyondd the hole, taping outside temporarily, pouring a few oz of epoxy thickened a bit with chopped fibers, when cured screwing down an epoxy soaked piece of webbing folded over.

Now if I wanted to add a skid plate to an intact stern go find a piece of half oval stainless or brass and screw it into a small epoxy plug on the inside so the screws pull onto the hull.

Or don’t drag the kayak so much.

There are stick-on, longitudinal plastic
skids available. Someone else will recall the source. I saw some positive initial evaluations. But I don’t trust that sort of system. Still, you might want to look into them.

keel strips
What I think you are after are most often called keel strips. And as said before, they usually don’t stick well to plastic kayaks.

Neptune’s Rangers, a group that bashes plastic kayaks into rocks a lot, came up with a way to fill scratches on plastic boats that they found to work better than using more plastic. They made a video of it which can be seen at You could use this process to make a keel strip on your boat.

The orange/red boat shown in the video was my boat, and still gets lots of use by another person. Repairs have held very well.


never leave port without it

fine group of DIY video there…no glue tho ?

My Rendezvous has skid plates. I thought I would hit something…not likely. The Wenonah 650 epoxy sticks to the vinyl hull skin

The soldering iron, which is just beeeautiful….goes with the Solstice sea kayak.

In rear hatch are Wheelez. The Wheelez go on afloat giving a brake to the yak and my back.

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