Skim Dex

Anyone paddled a Swedish Skim Dex made in Finland ? Or even heard of anyone with some experience in this boat ?

Thanks, Mike

Skim experience
Thusfar it does not seem as if any Skim boats have made it to the UK or North America to be paddled by anyone who posts here. Though as I recall there is a UK dealer.

Here are previous threads on Skim boats:

Thanks… time and hands on will tell. Visually very impressive and well thought out.


British Dealer

Now if only GRO, Global Outfitters, or MIKCo would bring them into the USA.

along with the Rockpools!
I would love to demo a Rockpool Alaw Bach. ; - )

it will happen

I’m not sure who the final distributor will be but I know that skim boats will be coming to the US fairly soon. :slight_smile:

Global Outfitters
Would be very likely and I hope the Skims do arrive here soon. Global Outfitters imports the Kayak Sport Viking, also made in Finland but by a Finland company. The Viking is currently running in first place to add to my fleet of two. Perhaps I should send them an email (?)

Yes email Global Outfitters
It couldn’t hurt to email Global and ask about the Skim boats.

And maybe a few of us should email GRO and/or MIKco and ask them about the Rockpool boats.

A few months ago, Rockpool emailed me that they were hoping to work with Tom Bergh (MIKCo)on getting their boats to the USA.