Skim Kayaks

Got the most recent version of Sea Kayaker Mag, and started flipping through… and BOOM.

Two beautiful kayaks were staring at me… made by a company called “Skim”.

Immediately went to and looked in the review section… NADA.

Anyone out there have personal experience with these? The 19’ model really caught my eye… but I could just be going nuts due to Winter.

A recent thread on this…

… though not much to say as no one in the US seems to have gotten to try either model yet.

Biggest problem I see with them (besides no availability) is it would be pretty easy to argue for having BOTH!


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Has come up a few times including:

as well as

Look at

In Europe they’re getting more popular. Nice boats.

See also

Marketing blurb
From the Dex presentation:


Deck lines in six mm polypropylene that won’t

lengthen when wet. A security measurement while

slacking lines may intervene when rolling or


I’ll remember that for the next time I miss a roll - “yeah well the deck lines were slacking.”

I’m impressed
Someone has put a lot of thought into these designs,they tried to do it right.Certainly not your typical barge/kayak. In the end they won’t perform any better than some of our well made

boats already on the market but I can’t imagine either of them being a dog.

If I were a rich boat whore I’d order the 16’ 10"

model just for fun.


Those Scandinavians
Extraordinarily well thought out. Based on Kajak-Sport and other Scandinavian products, I bet they are well made as well.

I am looking forward to encountering these boats and seeing how they paddle.

Following a good trend in design

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I agree with Jim. These boats are standing on the shoulders of what has been learned about good kayak design and also merit a look as they incorporate a number of design and outfitting features that many of us here on the forum look for in a kayak.

The do appear, from pictures and specs to have low rocker and longish waterlines. Thusly, they may, may only, be quite fast, and may, may, not be as turny. That said, this awaits demoing them and seeing what is rather than what might be.

The web site has some new pictures of the boats in action. The low rear deck reminds me of my Outer Island, very very very low. This has its advantages in decreased windage, ease of re-entry and roll, taking on an injured or ill kayaker, good handling in following seas, etc., but decreased load carrying perhaps.

Like Jim says, if quality, finish, etc. are there could indeed be interesting.


Nice, but odd size choices
It seems strange to make boats in 19’2" and 16’4" when most sea kayakers are best served by boats in the 17’-18’ range.

I guess they’re trying to capture the day tripper,play boat market at one end and the full blown expedition market at the other.

The ones in the 17 and 18 range are compomizes.

They may come up with a couple more models if these sell well.

Echoing Kajak-Sport
The Kajak-Sport Viviane is 19’1" and their day boat, the Viking is 16’3".

Pretty similar to Skim’s choice for length.

skim distance