Skin boats???

Can someone point me in the direction of skin on frame boats? I was looking through some of the wood kayaks that have been built and some plans for others. Couldn’t really find anything that I desired for myself (which is NOT to say that those boats were BEAUTIFUL). The skin boats that I have seen only pics of, seem to be the type of fit I am looking for. Something for ocean paddling (probably one a daytripper - i’ll use the sirius otherwise).

Are there kits and plans for building skin kayaks? Or is there a location to purchase an already made one? Is there a place on the 'net to look at different designs?

Thanks :slight_smile:


I’d suggest starting your search for SOF details at – this site deals nearly exclusively with Greenland style kayaks and has tons of info (check out the discussion boards).

For a good book resource, take a look at Robert Morris’s book “Building Skin-on-Frame Boats” – it’s the book that provided the plans for my own SOF which can be seen on my website:

thats a beauty :slight_smile: good job on that. her lines are gorgeous!


here is one SOF web site for buyers
Most skin on frame paddlers build their own boat. It is not that hard to do.

Dan has pointed you to the best site to get resource information. There have now been three books written on how to build a SOF (Morris, Cunningham, Starr). Each book is described on the QajaqUSA site.

If you want a picture of the SOF I built here it is

There are a number of builders who sell finished SOF’s. Bill Low is one

Here is his site

Nice boat, nice paddle :slight_smile:
what is the length and beam of that boat?

the dimensions
as you may have read SOF’s are built according to anthropotmetric (spelling?) measurements. In otherwords according to your personal body measurements. So the boat is actually suited to me but is breamier than most SOF’s. It is 17 feet long and has a beam of 22 inches.

I really enjoyed the process of building it.

As was mentioned before the Qajaq USA web site is probably the top web site for SOF info on the web. From their you can link out to a bunch of other sites and get a ton of info. In particular be sure to look over Harvey Golden’s for inspiration. Also of interest is Tom Yost’s site ( for Greenland style folders. Depending on your coast their are several folks who will help you build a SOF (e.g Mystic Seaport,, and



Cunningham SOF
I have recently built a skin on frame kayak from the book by Chris Cunningham and it was a wonderful project. His book walks you through all steps it takes to build a skin on frame to fit your body and use. If you are interested in skin on frame kayaks this would be a good book to read. I put together a web page on Webshots of the building proccess to help inspire other first time builders. If you are interested, this is the link.

Dix 16 by Unicorn Kayaks
I’ve ordered (actually paid half down)a Dix 16 from Unicorn Kayaks but dont expect it until mid-late June…if any are interested I will post on it when it arrives.

skin on frame

Lets have a look when you get it.

This summer im going on a 10 day, workshop to learn how to build a skin on fram. I will post some pic’s when im done.

I know someone who is
trying to sell 2 SOF’s…