Skin for folboat

I have a friend who has a sixties model folboat, or I should say the skeleton of a folboat. The original covering has died and gone to folboat heaven. She’s found one source for a new skin, but its very expensive. Does anyone know where a new skin can be obtained? This is a tandum approxiamately 17’ long. The frame is wood.

Really need help on this one
Sure hope someone can help out with finding a new covering for this folboat. Its a classic kayak and deserves to be kept on the water.

May not be the answer…
you were looking for, but here you go:

A printable do-it-yourself manual and source sheet.


Tom Yost’s site is excellent. Great information and all free. The best of the net!

Wow…haven’t heard that name in years. Had one when I was a kid (30+ yrs ago). It was great fun. Hope you were able to find the skin and get her back in the water.



Check Longhaul kayaks. Mark makes custom skins.

The original skins were naugahyde.
The inner was glued to the outer with a rubber cement since the naugahyde was fabric backed. Later Folbots used heavy nylon. Several people here are building SOF ; use what they use.