Skin lubricant?

Anyone ever use any kind of skin lube, specifically BodyGlide, in direct contact with latex gaskets? Any chance of it degrading the latex? Thanks.

At risk of stating the obvious, I’d
check with condom manufacturers.

after a recommendation from a well known paddler. It’s water based.



100% Silicone Grease
if it’s salt water and latex gasket rash you’re trying to avoid.

Silicone grease doesn’t harm the latex. As far as I know, it doesn’t harm the skin either (at least not mine yet, after almost 9 years).

None of the body lotion stuff seems to last through a surf session like silicone grease does. But, I guess if you’re not constantly getting wet and rolling, it might.


For that.

Talc powder
I’ve had good luck with talc around the neck gasket to relieve the beard growth irritation.

Stay away from silicone.

I feels good on the skin, but plays havoc with your suit. It makes it very nasty if you ever have to replace the seals or zipper. Nothing will adequately clean the area so the glue will hold properly.

Zippers need wax (even a candle rubben on the zipper works fine.)

KY jelly works to lube the skin. It’s water based.

Not My Experience…

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replace blown neck gaskets several times. No problem whatsoever. Silicone grease is used for rubber gaskets so does no harm there.

As far as KY Jelly, it's good for "home use" but does not last more than several breaking waves when surf paddling. Most of the surf paddlers with neck rash problems will tell you they use silicone grease.

I suggest the OP give a KY Jelly a try first and see how long it last before he seeks a better solution. It's "water base" and why it wears off right after several "wave rinsing..." ;)