skin on frame question

Am using cotton canvas as a covering. What would work best for coating the canvas to keep it waterproof and possibly UV resistant?

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SOF building pictures and info

In Greenland…

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...they typically coat canvas with oil-based paint. If you use several coats, you can achieve a smooth finish that looks almost like fiberglass.

SOF finish
The kayaks built in the pictures shown here:

were finished by first using a linseed oil primer coat, linseed oil house paint thinned with 10 to 15 percent linseed oil.

For the finishing coats, 5 or 6, we used linseed oil house paint straight, relatively thin coats. To get a smooth finish you sand between coats to get rid of the nap in the canvas.


Is there a common name for Butyrate dope?

I’m not sure about using linseed oil because I want to be able to fold up the canvas for transport. Would this make the skin too inflexible? Or would it crack?

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Flexible polymer

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Saw this product referenced on either kayakforum or qajaqusa, can't remember which:

It's a one-part flexible polymer that sounds pretty good. Also, there is the two-part urethane coating available from Spirit Line, which is what I used on my sof, which is covered in ballistic nylon, not cotton:

There's lots of information on Tom Yost's site as well:

You can’t fold finished canvas…

– Last Updated: Feb-25-08 9:34 AM EST – the finish will crack, whether it's dope or paint. If you want to do that, you need to use a material like Hypalon or PVC. See the link to Tom Yost's site below for details.