Skipanon River-Warrenton, Oregon

Has anyone out there paddled in Warrenton, Oregon? If so, did you launch at the marina, and how was the trip? How long can a person paddle there? Any information is greatly appreciated.



Website info
I have not paddled there, but you can click on this link and you will find some decent info (access points Oregon is most pertinent).

You could also email the folk there at CRK, they are usually very helpful. Usually…right now, they are in the last minute stages of setting up LOCO, a major sea kayak symposium. They might be a little busy.


I have
there’s quite a nice paddle around the marina and surrounding bay. you could paddle a ways up the river, as well, @ HI tide would be best. haven’t been way up the river. look at it on Google earth!


Skipanon River
Thank you very much for responding. Your information was very helpful.