Skirt advice for tandem kayaks

Bought a used WS Pamlico 145T Pro tandem kayak last summer. It’s about 15’, paddles quite nicely, and yes, we’re still married. With the large cockpit, you take on all the water drips and any splash or spray. Not bad on a hot summer day, but we do have our share of cooler days here in Iowa. I’m considering investing in one of the mini spray skirts, which would seem to deflect this incidental water. Anyone have any experience or advice re skirts for tandems? OBTW, we might consider a more complete spray skirt, but we’ll save the rolling for solo boats.

While guiding the past five years, the doubles in my fleet were mostly Necky Amaruks, and I tried to replace many of the nylon skirts with neoprene spraydecks, as the waters of Newfoundland tend to be cold. The skirts make a HUGE difference in regards to comfort for the paddler. I find it also helped to instill more confidence. I notice myself that I feel like a much stronger skilled paddler when I have that familiar black deck spread out over my lap.

Having the skirts, and using them provides a much more comfortable ride for paddlers. In a tendem especdially, some paddlers have a tendency to splash their partners, accidentaly, as often as intentionally. If you choose not to wear the spraydeck, then at least you will have the option of placing it on, same as having a pair of winter gloves in your pocket.

Get the spraydecks, I’m sure you wont regret it. I am not familiar with the climate of Iowa ( i think that is where you said you were), so i dont know just how badly the climate and water temps may call for them.

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Put the skirt in the front… You won’t
hear her as much.

Sirius: Full or mini skirt?
Sirius, are you advocating for use of a full skirt, or the mini skirt? The mini skirt covers the area ahead of the bow paddler, with a small panel between the bow paddler and the stern paddler, with both attached only to the boat, not to either paddler. I have also seen a full tandem skirt; in effect, two skirts which join together with velcro. Have only seen tandem skirts, of either kind, on display or in a catalog. Have not tried them, or talked with someone who uses them.