Skirt Choice...opinions?

I’m looking for a skirt for fall/winterflat water and some coastal tidal creeks. Looking at Seal Sneak and Harmony Synergy…open to others though.

Thanks all!

Skirt Choice
Penny’s is having a fall sale… I’m sorry …just had to…

Seals Sneak…
was the first skirt I ever owned. Bought a different one a few months later. Nylon not neo, pops off easily, leaky, etc.

had 8 so far

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I've owned 8 skirts and found that I prefer the simplest coated nylon styles. All the ones I've had like the Sneak and the Synergy leaked through those deck and tunnel zippers eventually. And every seam, nylon stay and zipper seems to interfere with the seal on the coaming in some way. But then, I mostly use a Greenland paddle which has more runoff than conventional paddles.

If you have a boat that fits a Seals size 1.7 from their size chart, it will likely fit a Feathercraft standard "small" skirt (that fits their Kahuna and Wisper models as well as many hardshell touring kayaks). It has suspenders, bungee drawcords and seamless deck and tunnel. Since the US dollar is strong compared to Canadian currency right now, they're only $57. Very similar to the Seals Adventurer (I also have and like one of those).

Feathercraft also makes a double coated version for $87.

I have a basic all nylon Snapdragon (also very similar to both the Feathercraft and the Seals Adventure) that I like a lot. Used that one in an open water training course last Summer and it proved itself competent while I was practicing sculling and other "below the rim" exercises.

Seals Stretch Nylon
For my long boat uses the Seals Stretch Nylon has been my go to skirt. Light like nylon, stretchy taut deck like neoprene. No encumbering tunnel. Deck seals well with a sewn on bungee rand.

Whitewater/surf = Immersion Research Klingon Empire

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…on the boat & activity. I have a Seals Inlander for my little rec boat for putzing around the marina or lounging by a local outdoor concert venue. Otherwise, my Valley boats wear a Seals Pro Shocker.

I prefer
Snap Dragon for functionality in rough water.

Check the used rack
Some kayak shops have used equipment, so if you can find a shop that does, you just might find a deal you can’t resist. I got a like new heavy duty neoprene Snap Dragon for $20.

I’ve had several Seals nylon skirts and I like them, but the water proofing always comes off the underside. The store takes them back and gives me a new one, but I’m thinking about finding something to spray on. I would think there’s got to be something better than what Seals uses.

Thank you
Grateful for all of the responses.