Skirt fit on Nordkapp

I have Snapdragon Ocean Trek skirt that I use on my Nordlow. After about five to ten rolls I have to bilge big time. I’ve been told that this is common with Valley coamings. Has anyone experienced the same thing, and did you come up with a solution…diff skirt, or modification? -Thanks.

same issue
with a SnapDragon Glacier Trek, size M deck, on a 09 Nordlow. The same skirt had a tighter fit on a 05 Valley Q boat.

The only time it is a real issue is out in 20 plus knot winds in the surf. then I"m having to spend too much time sponging out the water while waves are breaking over the back.

Have done some rolling with full neo IR and some leaking.

Next I’m going to try a NRS that has a rubber coating on the inside rim. I saw an older one and it was really thick, and was told it would clamp down nicely on the Valley rim. Haven’t tested it though.

One of these might work:,82.html

Building up the coming with mini cell was recommended, but I would like to know if anyone has had any success with that.

Not sure

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about the Nord-Low....I have a regular Nordkapp with a keyhole cockpit and have no issues with the skirt leaking. I also have Ocean cockpit Anas Acuta.(no leak either)

I have the all Neo Snapdragon M deck....also fits NDK kayaks.

I also have a couple of the Glacier Treks and do notice a little water with them, but it's "Tunnel" water and not deck or kayak related.

I also have Quarnet, Bush Sports, Valley, Seals and a few others ...never had a issue until they wore through up by the grab loop ...just water wicking down my shirt into the kayak

when I wear a tuilik (home made) I get done rolling (an hour or two sometimes) dry boat, dry hair as long as I didn't track any water into the kayak when I got in....

not sure how the N-Low would have been changed to any point that it should be that much of a leaker unless there is a defect in the skirt itself. maybe try the next smaller skirt, since the M deck also fits my might be a little loose on your kayak for some reason.

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thanks Roy,

On the Snap Dragon sizing chart, the Nordkapp LV is listed as a large, while the reg Nordkapp and Q boat is listed as a M. I think that’s a mistake because my medium is now too big for the NodLV.

Not sure if you read my post. I think the new Valley cockpit this year is even smaller than before. It was a lot tighter on my 2005 Valley Q boat, which also didn’t leak around the deck. You didn’t mention what year your Valley was?

I’m not saying that’s the case, but can’t dismiss the size or design of the new coaming based on the info you provided.

Nordkapp is a 2001 …3 piece HM Jubilee.

My wife paddles a 93 Nordkapp with the slalom cockpit.

she uses a M sized Snap Dragon. doesn’t roll that boat much, but has been in many wash over seas / surf launches and surf landings and has never had any problems either.

I would try taking the kayak to the store when purchasing a skirt if possiable…the chart is wrong…NO Nordkapp I’ve ever seen, fits a Large made by Snap dragon.

But since Your skirt fit the Q boat and seems large on the Nord Low…seems like a try it on first should be the answer.(and probably downsize some)

Snap Dragon has been good in the past (and I like their skirts). I had a breathable tube made on an ocean cockpit skirt years ago, before they offered it as a catalogue item.

Might try calling them

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A large is too big for a Nordlow? Yeah think?

I'm fully aware that the medium fit well on previous Valley coamings. The problem with mine is on the newer 2009. I suspect that the coaming was redesigned and the medium is no longer as good a fit. I had both 2005 and a 2009, understand? If you haven't tested a medium Snap dragon on a 2009 then you would have no idea if it fits or not.

I stated that the only real issue I have with mine is surfing in 20 knot winds and 4' waves. I don't have much leaking with a surf launch or landing in smaller surf that washes over the deck.

Otherwise, with the medium deck, it has a decent fit. It's just a little bit looser and easier to put on and take off, so someone might not realize that it leaks badly in heavy surf. When rolling it's not that bad, maybe an inch or two after 10 rolls.

I'll keep testing other skirts in real conditions.

I Think

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We misunderstand each other....

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I think

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you might find that your Snap Dragons no longer fit tight enough on the newer Valley.

I know mine doesn't.

I would at least suggest ordering from a place that has full refund. The other link about to the Kayak Center also looks like good lead. they know their stuff and sell a lot of Valleys.

Seals 1.4 Shocker
I mostly use my Seals Shocker 1.4 when paddling my Nordlow. It does a good job of keeping out most water both when rolling and in conditions.

I also have the Valley branded all neo skirt which fits my Aquanaut better than any other skirt but holes with every T rescue.

My Snapdragon Ocean Tour EXP is a Large deck and fits okay on all my boats (I bought it for my Romany on the advice of an outfitter I trust)but allows more water than I prefer.

Overall I like my Seals 1.4 skirt best for my Valley and NDK boats as far as durability and keeping out water.

Ditto here. Seals 1.4 fits well on my
1998 Kapp Jubilee and leaks likes crazy on my 2003 Naut, but seals ok (just ok) on my 2007 Naut LV RM. I saw a light duty Chill Cheater skirt recently that looked like it was made from glideskin or something. The owner loves the skirt and it’s sealing ability, but it is not for heavy duty (t-rescues). It also can be packed into the size of a softball. Bill

test update
This morning I tested the deck fitting with a garden hose of about 40 psi. There was only a slight trace of leaking right at hips, but not enough to get in the cockpit. I think this is what I felt when edging but seems to have been less than a spoonful.

It is a little looser fit than previous Valley but it is still a good tight fit. From this test where I blasted it with a hose, the deck isn’t the problem.

With the Glacial Trek, there was a lot less leaking when I put it right against my skin. This year I have been using a rash guard and now think more water is getting in between the adjustable tunnel and the rash guard. I do get it nice and tight when in conditions, but think the adjustable needs to be against the skin for the best seal.

When side surfing half the cockpit could fill up with water in one or two waves, though. Maybe I also had the tunnel up to high, when leaning all the way over it pulled open a gap at the side between the neo and coaming?

I’m also going to get a full neo, but think some adjustments to this one will minimize the leaking.

The skirts made by Seals for Valley look like a possibility, but I think they are for older models.

Russell at Sweetwater suggested mini cell around the coming on the sides where the lip has alot of overhang.

There has to be a skirt out there that fits these particular models. That is, fit well enough to stay semi-dry for rolling and rough water use.

garden hose
Good to know as I was about to try the same. I do have both the Glacier Trek and Ocean. I bought the Ocean Trek to eliminate this issue…however, it leaks almost as bad as the Glacier. I don’t get it.

you didn’t
say what size deck you have for the SD or year of your Nordlow?

tried it on
another hose with more volume that is from the house, just a regular garden hose, and the leak by the hips was a steady stream. Not sure if it’s the problem. I have access to a lot of different skirts, and will keep testing them.

year / deck size
Med deck, 07 Nord-low

Valley coamings

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For a time all composite keyhole coamings in Valley boats seem to be the same size. This seems to have been true in the early to middle years of this decade.

More recently the coamings are more matched to the target paddler for the model boat. Sometimes the differences are small in measure but are notable in the fit of the cockpit and spray skirt.

Below are photos of my 2008 Nordkapp LV cockpit and 2004 Aquanaut cockpit. The Nordlow coaming outside is 33.75" x 18.75". The Aquanaut coaming outside measure is 33.25" x 18.5". The width at the hips of the coaming lips are: Nordlow 1.75", Aquanaut 1.25". The measures given with the photos are inside measures.

Another vote for Seals
I like Snapdragons, but my current skirt for my Nordlow is the Seals Pro Shocker 1.4. After surfing a number of waves or numerous rolls, I get about a cup of water in the cockpit. Couldn’t be happier with it.


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for Nordlow, 2008-2009, (I think it's redesigned from 2007-2008)

inside length 30 3/8''
widest 16''
inside thigh 20'' from back 9 3/4''


length 33''
widest 18 3/4''
thigh (20'' from back) 15''

Also the width of coaming at the hip is 1''. I remember it was wider with more of an overhang on the Q boat the hip.