skirt for 55.5''/19'' cockpit Victory12?

I have owned a used Victory 12’ for a year now. Great boat, cockpit is 55.5 inches L by 19 inches W. Just having trouble finding a recreational/touring skirt large enough. Any ideas? I have heard dicks sporting goods…

Don’t bother with Dick’s
Dick’s kayaking accessory stock is very limited and mostly pretty lame.

I suggest you look on line. I checked Ebay and there is nothing that large on there at the momoent, but Harmony makes a skirt that is 60" x 23". In fact, they recommend it for one of two models of the Victory kayak, presumably the one you have. You can tighten it down with the bungee cord in the perimeter. This site lists it (the model 6023) for a reasonable price:

You might need to retrofit it with some sort of flexible plastic pole or wand to keep it from sagging in the center and collecting water.

Seals Size 7
sounds like it is a similar size cockpit to the Pungo 120/140, around 57"x22" outer measurement. So any skirt made to fit the Pungo (Seals skirts size 7) may work for you