Skirt for Artic Tern

I won’t be rolling the boat so something That’s tight but not so that pulling it for a wet exit is impossible.


Brooks Neo skirt
I ordered it with my kit. Fits nice and tight, but I can pull it off from the front, sides, or back if needed. It is a little tight when I first put it on, but loosens enough to allow for quick removal. I have found if I do a little pre-stretch it makes putting it on a bit easier.

Another plug for Brooks
If you’re searching for a neoprene skirt, I use a Brooks Gripper Neo Tour for my AT. It features a fully adjustable waist tunnel and grippy neoprene underside to prevent slippage while pulling the rand over the coaming. I’ve also had no problem whatsoever releasing it from the coaming when exiting the cockpit. An XL Neo Tour is required to fit the Tern’s cockpit.

I ordered a Brooks neoprene
skirt from Pygmy for my Arctic Tern 2 years ago. It fits great and has a sewn in tag that has “Arctic Tern” printed on it so I assumed Brooks made them for Pygmy specifically to fit their boats. It is nice and tight but will readily pull free for a wet exit.