skirt for my stearns IK 116 SB ?

just recently got a stearns inflatable kayak model 116 self bailing as shown at

they show it comes with a stretch web tight waist closure" I take this to mean a skirt of sorts .When I got mine it didn’t have anything like that and I’ve seen where some people made their own .I have e,mailed the store advertising it but dont have an answer yet.Does anyone know about this model ? Also being self bailing you sit in water ,I’m going to try my old seyvlor seat tomorrow and seeif it helps ,any cures for keeping dry ?


Self bailing
Self bailing boats are designed to let the water come in – and go out. So, usually, one dosen’t use a skirt. There’s usually no place to attach one. But some people still rig one up because they don’t want to get wet.

I would just wear a pair of dry pants, and let the water come and go.

dry suit
Thanks sharkbitter , I guess thats what I’ll end up doing.I was thinking it may add to the stabillity of the boat if water spilled off the top instead of pouring in forcing one side down.And I’d be dryer.