Skirt for NDK Romany Explorer

I picked up an NDK Romany Explorer and need to get an all-neoprene / watertight-for-rolls skirt for it. Skirt manufacturers seem to give skirt sizes for the current crop of Romany or Explorer variations (I’m seeing 1.2, 1.4, and even “custom order” sizes for these), but nothing listed for the earlier Romany Explorer. Does anyone have (or had) this kayak and can recommend a skirt size?

Snap Dragon
If they do not have a stock size for that year and model, follow their directions to make a tracing of your coaming. They can make you a custom skirt that costs only about $10 more than the stock sizes.

I believe Seals also offers the custom skirt service.

If you know other NDK boat owners and have compared coamings, you might be able to use an existing stock size. For example, Snap Dragon has a special “LV” size for the LV versions of Romany and Explorer, and the Pilgrim and Pilgrim Expedition fit the “LV+” size.

Medium deck if standard cockpit
This is the 17 ft plus length boat or the 16 ft plus boat? Earlier on NDK was labeling one of them as a Romany Explorer and I forget which was which. Same size cockpits though - the Explorer was born of the Romany.

They haven’t changed the cockpit size subsequently in the regular Romany and Explorer. The only variations have been the LV version (takes an extra-small) or the surf versions, both of which are newer than the labeling convention you are seeing.

My husband finds a medium deck works for his Romany, from a variety of manufacturers. I have a Seals 1.2 and a Snapdragon small for my boats, and there is no way either fits on the Romany. I doubt the Seal 1.4 would work either unless it was very stretchy (you will find some variation) because the 1.2 and 1.4 are basically narrower/wider variations of the same footprint. The length of the cockpit of is Romany is the killer for my skirts even if I can squeeze them on the width.

If you need a size M
I’ve got a size M for sale with an L tube

Snap Dragon Flirt skirt
Snap Dragon makes them. Consider their “flirt skirt” which has a slighly shorter tunnel. Body Boat Blade can help.

Snap Dragon has a fit size list also which indicates it’s a (M)1.4:

Seals 1.4 or Snapdragon Medium
Seals 1.4 and Snapdragon Medium deck neoprene skirts fit the standard NDK keyhole (Explorer, Romany, etc…).

I stand corrected re Seals 1.4…
Me bad memory on that one.