Skirt for Necky Eliza

Hi, I am new to kayaking and have just purchased an Eliza Necky! I am looking for a skirt and not too sure what to get. The size is a 1.2 for nylon but I heard that you have to special order a neoprene. I am worried about the skirt being all bunched up, so I was wondering if someone knows of one that works well with this boat. THANKS!

Seals sizing
Sounds like you are talking about the Seal’s brand skirts with sizing 1.2 and all. Many other brands also will fit that boat.

I suggest you go to the shop you bought the boat from and get their advice. They should even have some you can try on while sitting in your boat.

Immersion Research Excursion
I would suggest looking at Immersion Research’s Excursion skirt in a size Medium… the neoprene/supratex deck has a lot of stretch/rebound and will conform to the cockpit much better than an all-nylon skirt. the tunnel is made of a breathable material with a loose fit so it’s very comfortable for touring.