Skirt for Pungo 140

Hello, I’d like to buy a decent quality spray skirt for my newly purchased Pungo 140. Anyone here that can recommend one and an online place where I can buy one ? I’ve been told there is more than one size that will fit and if I can find a good place to buy I might buy both. The local place wanted $70 and the quality didn’t seem like it was worth it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Wear long pants
In a Pungo the skirt only protects you from the sun. If you want wave protection, then get an electric bilge pump and some float bags.

What do you want the skirt to do?
As above, the cockpit opening is too big for a skirt to work against things like waves, or even much of a long hard pouring rain. I have seen people use a half skirt in a Pungo, keeps some of the splash out and some sun. If that is the kind of thing you need, you can maybe get away with less bucks.

Seals Splash Deck

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I bought one of these for my Pungo 140.

It's not a full spray skirt, but it reduces the opening to the cockpit which in turn limits the amount of water that splashes in from the waves. My sprayskirt says "Splash Deck X" on top, so I'm pretty sure it's the extra large version. It has a flexible band built in to keep the spray deck's shape and prevent sagging.

Update: I forgot to mention that I read somewhere the larger sprayskirts made to fit the Pungo have a problem were they sag causing water to pool on the skirt in front of the paddler. It was for that reason that I passed on getting a full skirt for the Pungo.

I used a Harmony skirt with my Pungo 140. It worked great for keeping the rain off me while fishing. It has a plastic strip embedded in it that bows up when installed and keeps water from pooling on the top. The outer pocket is nice too. Used with a rain jacket it was completely dry way to paddle and fish.

Chethro, that Harmony product looks pretty nice. If I had a need for something beyond recreational paddling, that would be a product to consider. However, the Seals splash deck was all I needed for the type of paddling I was doing when I owned my Pungo (bascially recreational in protected waters).

Thanks for the great ideas…
I pretty much just want the protection from the sun and water dripping in from the paddle. I’m glad I posted this because now I’m thinking about just using a big towel or bed sheet. Eventually the Harmony full skirt looks like a good cold weather accessory but I’ll get by with something else for a while. Thanks for the ideas everybody !!