Skirt for RPM??

Hello all just wondering what type and size skirt I should get for my Dagger Rpm any suggestions??? Thanks All.

Suggest you take your RPM to a
good canoe/kayak shop and check the fit of skirts before buying.

The RPM cockpit is very “standard” and Snapdragon, Harmony, etc. etc. all make skirts that will fit. But you might not like the degree of difficulty required to get a skirt rand onto the cockpit rim. Also, whether the skirt tunnel fits your torso is something you can’t tell from a website.

That’s the way I got good skirts, on sale, for my Dagger Animas and my '82 Noah Magma. I went to NOC, put the kayaks out in the lot, and went in and rummaged through their sprayskirt sale bin for likely candidates. Then I took them out (alerting staff to my intention), put them on, got in the boats, and judged the fit and ease of rim attachment.

Easy. Go to the NRS website, pick a skirt style (I suggest a moderately priced all neoprene with a rubber rand). Look up the fit guide. Order. Or call them and ask.

Or go to your local kayak shop. Or click on the Kayak Shed link from pnet…